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Christina H.L. Breisnes risset inn i en stjerne

Who can get a star?

The stars are awarded to people who have contributed to putting Lista and American cultural heritage on the map.
The stars are sponsored in their entirety by companies or private individuals who want to contribute in a completely unique way.

​We want more nominees, and hereby challenge you all to make suggestions.

Walk of fame

These have so far received their own star:

  • Kjell Elvis - entertainer sponsor: Tratec Teknikken

  • Svein Skårdal -
    founder of

    American Festival
    sponsor: Trunken

  • Siv Ringdal -
    author and ethnologist

    sponsor: Asbjørn Frigstad

  • Christina HL Breisnes

  • Kristy Kongevold
    sponsor: Farsund municipality

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