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Where does the festival take place?

American Festival is located in the center of Vanse, Lista (Farsund municipality). Lista has a long history of emigration to America, and in the last 10 years there have been more and more place names associated with America.

We have:
Route 8 - road section between Farsund - Vanse and Borhaug that runs in a figure 8.

Brooklyn Square - A street with American Bakery, Trunken - Shop with a large selection of American goods and showroom.

Brooklyn Bridge - was completed in 2021 and is a true replica bridge that crosses the Vanse brook.

What happens during the festival?

During the 4 days that the festival lasts, you can experience lots of exciting things such as:

Street Parade, concerts with famous artists, food competition, great AmCars, our own Central Park with stands, Gospel brunch and much, much more.

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